Nail Polish Wedding Favors DIY
Recipe type: Nail Polish
Serves: 10 bottles of polish
This gold and pink nail polish looks incredibly romantic, and would be a great gift for bridesmaids.
  • 10 Rectangle Nail Polish Bottle
  • 10 Nail Polish Mixing Balls
  • 4 oz. Suspending Nail Polish Base
  • Gold Sparkle Mica
  • Rose Gold Mica
  • .15 CC Scoop
  1. Place a nail polish mixing ball into each bottle. Then, to five of the bottles add 15 mini scoops of the Gold Sparkle Mica. If you’d like a more sheer color you can add less. Continue scooping the polish until each bottle contains Gold Sparkle Mica.
  2. In a well-ventilated space, pour the nail polish base slowly into the nail polish bottles. Fill until just below the shoulder of the bottle to allow for mixing room. If you spill, use an old rag to wipe the neck of the bottle. If you forget to do this, your lid may “glue” itself to the bottle. Please note that nail polish is extremely flammable and should never be customized near any open flame or extremely hot heat source (say, a stove or something like that).
  3. Once each bottle is full, place the brush into the bottle and twist the black cap over it until you hear a “click.” Once the cap is securely on the bottle, start shaking! Shake the bottle for 3-5 minutes to fully disperse the colorant into the nail polish base.
  4. Repeat this process for the pink polish. Add a mixing ball to each bottle, then add 15 scoops of the Rose Gold Mica. Carefully fill each bottle with nail polish base. Then insert the brush, cap and place the rectangle decorative outer cap. Then, shake shake shake until the mica is thoroughly mixed into the base.
  5. When the colorant has been fully dispersed, you’re finished. Enjoy! Looking for more nail polish ideas? You can also add fragrance oil to nail polish, check out the tutorial here!
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