Celtic Combination Melt and Pour Tutorial
Recipe type: Melt and Pour
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: About 1.5 pounds of soap
These celtic melt and pour soaps are made with the lovely Evergreen Mica, and smell incredibly fresh.
  • Celtic Combination Mold
  • 24 oz. White Melt and Pour
  • 2 oz. Clear Melt and Pour
  • Evergreen Mica
  • .4 oz. Green Tea and Cucumber Fragrance Oil
  • Injector Tool
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  1. Disperse 1 teaspoon of Evergreen Mica into 1 tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol and stir to combine. Set aside.
  2. Chop and melt 2 ounces of Clear Melt and Pour Soap in the microwave using 3-5 second bursts. It’s easy to burn such a small amount of soap, so be careful not to overheat.
  3. Add all of the dispersed Evergreen Mica into the melted clear soap and use a spoon to thoroughly mix in.
  4. Using the injector tool, begin to carefully fill in the details of each mold. This process does take some patience and a steady hand. I have found that cutting a small amount of the tip off the injector tool helps disperse a slightly larger amount of soap and prevents clogging. In addition, I recommend spritzing the mold with a few sprays of isopropyl alcohol before filling in the details. Doing so helps the soap spread throughout the mold details.
    TIP: Have a cup of very hot water nearby when using the Injector Tool. The soap can cool and harden within the tool, which will clog it. Immediately after using the Injector Tool, clear out the tool in the hot water.
  5. Continue filling the mold details with green soap. If necessary, reheat the soap in the microwave using 3 second bursts. If the soap leaks out of the details, allow it to dry and harden, and use the Clean Up Tool to clean up any mistakes. Once all the details are filled, allow the green soap to fully cool and harden.
  6. Chop and melt 24 ounces of white melt and pour soap in the microwave using 30 second bursts. Once fully melted, add .4 ounces of Green Tea and Cucumber Fragrance Oil and stir to thoroughly combine. Allow the soap to reach a temperature of 125 ° F or below. If the soap is too hot when poured, it will melt the green details. Once the soap has cooled, spray the mold cavities with 99% isopropyl alcohol to help the layers stick. Pour the soap into each cavity and spritz the top with alcohol to help disperse any bubbles.
  7. Allow the soap to fully cool and harden in the mold. To remove, press the back of each cavity with your palm to release the air lock. Enjoy! Wrap the soap in plastic wrap before use to help prevent glycerin dew. Learn more about glycerin dew and how to prevent it here.
Recipe by Soap Queen at https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/melt-and-pour-soap/celtic-melt-and-pour-soap-tutorial/