Rose Gold Cosmetic Collection: Eyeshadow, Lip Shimmer & Nail Polish
Recipe type: Makeup
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Serves: 4 sets
This Rose Gold Eye Collection features a nail polish, lip shimmer and eye shadow!
  • Rose Gold Mica
  • 4 oz. Suspending Nail Polish Base
  • 4 Rectangular Nail Polish Bottles
  • 4 Nail Polish Mixing Balls
  • Mini Scoops
  • ¼ tsp. Sericite
  • ½ tsp. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 4 Heart Lip Butter Pots
  • 1 oz. Nourish Lip Balm Base
  • 2 tsp. Rose Gold Mica
  • 1 mL Buttercreme Flavor Oil
  • 1 mL Lip Smacking Sweet Flavor Oil
  • 8 Clear Lip Balm Tubes
  • Optional: Droppers
Nail Polish
  1. Using a mini scoop, add about 20 scoops of Rose Gold Mica to each nail polish bottle. Then, add 1 nail polish mixing ball to each bottle.
  2. Pour the nail polish base slowly into the nail polish bottles. Fill until just below the shoulder of the bottle to allow for mixing room. If you spill, use an old rag to wipe the neck of the bottle. If you forget to do this, your lid may “glue” itself to the bottle. Please note that nail polish is extremely flammable and should never be customized near any open flame or extremely hot heat source (say, a stove or something like that).
  3. Insert the brushes into the bottles and twist the black cap over it until you hear a “click.” Once the cap is securely on the bottle, start shaking! Shake the bottle for 3-5 minutes to fully disperse the colorant into the nail polish base. When the colorant has been fully dispersed, you’re finished. Enjoy!
Eye Shadow
  1. EQUIPMENT PREP: Disinfect your utensils by dipping them in a 5% bleach water solution and allowing to dry. This includes mixing containers, mini scoops, measuring spoons and mixing spoons. Your products must be as free of germs, bacteria, and microbes as possible. To be safe, bleach water all your utensils.
  2. In a small container, add 2 tsp. Rose Gold Mica and ¼ tsp. sericite. Mix well.
  3. Add ½ tsp. 99% isopropyl alcohol to the container. Mix until the eye shadow is smooth and there are no clumps.
  4. Scoop the eye shadow into the Heart Lip Butter Pots. Tap the containers on the counter to help settle the powder.
  5. Let the pots sit overnight uncapped. This will allow the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate. Enjoy! Note: The isopropyl alcohol helps make the eye shadow compact. However, as it’s manipulated with a brush or moved around, it will start to loosen. It will also loosen if kept in a purse. We recommend keeping the shadow in a safe place to prevent it from breaking.
Lip Shimmer
  1. Portion out 2 oz. of the Nourish Lip Balm Base in a heat-safe container. Melt in 20 second bursts, stirring between each burst. Then, add 2 tsp. Rose Gold Mica to the melted base and stir to fully incorporate.
  2. Add the Buttercreme Flavor Oil and Lip Smacking Sweet Flavor Oil to the balm and mix well.
  3. Carefully pour the melted lip balm into tubes. Let the balm fully cool and harden. Enjoy!
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