Jasmine Lace Cold Process Tutorial
Recipe type: Cold Process Soap
Serves: About 5 pounds of soap
This cold process soap features a stunning lace pattern on top.
  • 5 Pound Mold with Sliding Bottom
  • Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold
  • Pourable Silicone for Lace Silicone Mat (See Instructions Above)
  • 2.6 oz. Avocado Butter
  • 2.6 oz. Avocado Oil
  • 10.2 oz. Canola Oil
  • 12.8 oz. Coconut Oil
  • 10.2 oz. Olive Oil
  • 12.8 oz. Palm Oil
  • 7.2 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Lye
  • 16.9 oz. Distilled Water
  • 3.7 oz. Jasmine Dreams Fragrance Oil
  • Black Oxide
  • Radiant Plum Colorant
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Ultramarine Blue Pigment
  • Super Pearly White Mica
SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! That means goggles, gloves and long sleeves. Make sure kids, pets, and other distractions and tripping hazards are out of the house or don’t have access to your soaping space. Always soap in a well-ventilated area.
COLOR PREP: To ensure that the Titanium Dioxide blends smoothly into the soap batter, we recommend micronizing it before dispersing it in oil. Please note this is an optional tip but it does help with the titanium dioxide clumping in the soap =) To micronize colorant, simply use a coffee grinder to blend the colorant to break up any clumps of color and prevent streaks of white from showing in the final soap. We like to use a coffee grinder that has a removable, stainless steel mixing area for easy cleaning. Then, disperse 1 teaspoon of the colorant into 1 tablespoon of sunflower or sweet almond oil (or any other liquid oil). In a separate container disperse 1 teaspoon black oxide in 1 tablespoon light weight liquid oil. Then, in separate containers disperse 3 teaspoons Radiant Plum Colorant and into 3 tablespoons liquid oil. Finally, disperse 1 teaspoon Ultramarine Blue Pigment into 1 tablespoon lightweight liquid oil. Use a mini mixer to disperse any clumps. Measure out 1 teaspoon Super Pearly White Mica in a small container and set aside, do not disperse in oil.
FRAGRANCE PREP: In a glass, fragrance safe container, measure out 3.7 ounces of Jasmine Dreams Fragrance Oil and set aside.
MOLD PREP: Place the silicone liner into the mold. Then, place the silicone lace mat into the bottom of the silicone liner, with the lace pattern facing up. You may need to slightly trim the silicone lace mat to ensure it lays flat within your silicone liner and mold.
  1. Slowly and carefully add the lye to the water and gently stir until the lye has fully dissolved and the liquid is clear. Set aside to cool.
  2. Combine the coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, palm oil, avocado oil and avocado butter (remember to fully melt then mix your entire container of palm oil before portioning). Once the lye water and the oils have cooled to 130 degrees or below (and are ideally within 10 degrees of each other), add the lye water to the oils and stick blend until you reach a light trace. If you’d like a harder bar of soap that releases faster from the mold, you can add sodium lactate to the cooled lye water. Use 1 teaspoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils in the recipe. For this recipe, you’d add about 3.5 tsp. sodium lactate.
  3. Once you have reached a thin trace, add the Jasmine Dreams Fragrance Oil and use a whisk to thoroughly mix in.
  4. Pour off about ¼ of a cup of soap into a small container. This will be the soap used to create the lace pattern. Because such a small amount of soap is actually needed for the lace, you may want to have a small mold nearby to pour the remaining white soap into.
  5. Add 1 teaspoon of the undispersed Super Pearly White powder into the soap and use a spoon or small whisk to thoroughly mix in. The mica adds just a hint of sparkle to the lace. Because mica is so fine, it does not need to be dispersed for this project. Add 1 teaspoon dispersed Titanium Dioxide and use a spoon to fully mix in. Set aside. Note: The Sparkle Violet Mica previously used in this step will be discontinued when supplies run out. It has been replaced with Super Pearly White Mica.
  6. Add all the dispersed Radiant Plum Colorant to the remaining large container of soap. Then, add 2.5 teaspoons of the dispersed Ultramarine Blue Pigment and .5 teaspoons of the dispersed Black Oxide. Use a whisk to thoroughly mix in the colorants and set aside.
  7. If the white soap is still fairly thin, pulse with the stick blender until you reach a thick trace. Give the purple soap a stir with a whisk to ensure it stays fluid and workable.
  8. Place several spoon fulls of the white soap into the silicone mold. Use a spatula to spread the white soap on the silicone lace mat, making sure the white soap is fills in the lace details.
  9. Scrape away any excess soap from the mat, and place the soap back into the container of white soap. You want the pattern of lace filled with soap, but the spaces between the lace clean of soap. The cleaner the spaces between the lace details, the more defined they will look in your final bars. I found these small white spatulas were a great tool for this!
  10. Slowly pour the purple soap into the mold, on top of the lace silicone mat.
  11. Once the mold has been filled to the top, tap the mold firmly on the counter to help release any bubbles. Depending on how thick your silicone mat is, you may have a small amount of soap leftover. Pour any excess into a small mold. Spritz with 99% isopropyl alcohol to prevent soda ash. Insulate the soap for 24 hours to help prevent gel phase. Allow the soap to stay in the mold for 3-4 days before unmolding. To unmold the soap, slid out the bottom. Gently remove the silicone liner. Then, carefully peel away the silicone lace mat. The top of the soap then becomes the bottom. Cut into bars, and allow them to cure for 4-6 weeks. Enjoy!
Recipe by Soap Queen at https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/cold-process-soap/jasmine-lace-cold-process-tutorial/