Monster-Be-Gone Spray
Recipe type: Home crafts
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: One 8 oz. Bottle
Help ease your child's fear of the dark with this fun Monster-Be-Gone Magic Spray!
  • 8 oz. Bottle with Spray Top
  • 8 oz. Rose Water
  • 5-7 drops Royal Purple LabColor
  • ⅛ tsp. Light Gold Mica
  1. Carefully pour 8 oz. of rose water into a plastic bottle. If you're worried about spilling, you can use a funnel.
  2. Add about 5-7 drops of diluted Royal Purple LabColor. Be sure to dilute your LabColor before use! Note: If you want your spray a little darker, you can add a couple more drops of color. Don't add much more than 10-11 drops total, otherwise the color could stain items in your house.
  3. Add ⅛ tsp. of Gold (light) Mica.
  4. Screw cap on tightly and shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients together and it's ready to use! The ingredients may settle, so make sure to shake well before each use.
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