Rosy Red Lip Gloss
Recipe type: Lip Products
Serves: About twelve pots
Made with castor oil, jojoba oil and cera bellina wax, this lip gloss is extremely shiny and smooth!
  • 1.5 oz. Castor Oil
  • .4 oz Jojoba Oil
  • .2 oz Cera Bellina Wax
  • 3 mL Passionfruit Rose Fragrance and Flavor Oil
  • .5 tsp Merlot Sparkle Mica
  • 2 tsp Rose Pearl Mica
  • Non-Stackable Lip Pots
  1. In a heat safe container, add the castor and jojoba oils. Add the cera bellina wax and heat in the microwave using 30 second bursts until the wax is fully melted. Be careful when removing from the microwave, as the container will be very hot.
  2. Add 3 mL of the Passionfruit Rose Fragrance and Flavor Oil and use a spoon to fully mix in.
  3. Add the Merlot Sparkle Mica and Rose Pearl Mica and use a spoon to fully incorporate.
  4. Once the mica is fully blended, allow the mixture to cool slightly. If poured when the mixture is extremely hot, the micas may sink to the bottom of the lip pots. Once the mixture has cooled slightly, carefully pour the lip gloss mixture into the pots. Allow to fully cool and place the cap on top.
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