Peppermint Bark Soap for the Holidays
Recipe type: Melt and Pour
This peppermint bark soap makes a great "treat" for the holidays!
  • White Melt and Pour
  • Clear Melt and Pour
  • Goat Milk Melt and Pour
  • Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil
  • Peppermint 2nd Distillation Essential Oil
  • Perfect Red Color Block
  • Brick Red Oxide
  • Liquid Brown Oxide
  • Liquid Black Oxide
  1. Melt 5 ounces of white soap base and pour it into the silicone tray mold and let cool. Then melt 5 ounces of clear soap base and mix in Perfect Red Color Block and Brick Red Oxide (2 parts Perfect Red and 1 part Brick Red Oxide makes a perfect candy cane red). Pour the red soap on top of the white soap and let cool. Make a slurry with your red oxide by mixing it with a little rubbing alcohol before adding it to your soap. This will eliminate speckles.
  2. Unmold the soap and cut into small, irregular pieces. These are going to be the peppermint crumbles on top so uneven cuts make them look super realistic.
  3. Melt 16 ounces of clear soap and mix in ½ ounce of (delicious) Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil. To make the realistic chocolaty color, combine Liquid Brown Oxide with a skosh of Liquid Black Oxide. Let cool.
  4. Melt 16 ounces of white Goat Milk soap base and mix in ½ ounce of Peppermint 2nd Distillation Essential Oil. Let cool to 130 degrees, spritz the “chocolate” layer with rubbing alcohol and pour about 12-13 ounces of the goat milk soap, saving 3-4 ounces (you can totally eyeball the amount, just make sure to save a little bit).
  5. Once the soap has cooled, remelt the remaining 3-4 ounces of goat milk soap base to 130 degrees. Start spritzing your “peppermint” pieces with rubbing alcohol and get ready to sprinkle them on top of the final layer of soap. Spritz the top layer of soap and pour the remaining 3-4 ounces of goat milk soap then sprinkle on your “crushed candy cane” garnish.
  6. Once the soap has cooled, cut the soap into triangles and trick your friends into taking a bite of delicious Chocolate Peppermint Bark.
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