Aromatherapy Shower Fizzies
Recipe type: fizzies
Place these shower fizzies at the bottom of your shower to release soothing scented vapors.
  • ½ cup Sodium Bicarbonate
  • ¼ cup Citric Acid
  • Witch Hazel
  • Droppers
  • Guest Mini Celtic Kells Knot Mold
Soothing Blend
  • 2 ml Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1 ml Ylang Ylang III Essential Oil
Awakening Blend
  • 2 ml Litsea Essential Oil
  • 1 ml Red Brazilian Mandarin Essential Oil
  1. Add baking soda and citric acid in a large bowl and mix to combine. The baking soda and citric acid may form clumps. Use your fingers to break them up or sift the powders through a strainer.
  2. Now add the essential oil blend of your choice. Usage rate can be higher than you would do with a traditional bath fizzy because these are meant to be inhaled, not sat in. Suggested blend amounts are above (3-4 ml per batch) though you can go all the way up to ¼ ounce of the blend for the mixture. If you go this high, this a lot of oil. You might not even need to use witch hazel (as described in step four).
  3. Stir the essential oils into the powders. Using your hands is the easiest method. Tip! Wear gloves if you want to protect your manicure, citric acid will dull nail polish.
  4. Depending on the moisture level of the current mixture, spritz the bath bombs with witch hazel. It should take between 5 – 7 spritzes. The mixture should be wet enough so when you squeeze the powder in your fist it holds its shape when you open your hand. You want to spray enough so that the powders stick together and aren’t crumbly. Be careful though because spraying too much can cause the mixture to fizz prematurely and ruin your shower fizzies.
  5. Once the powders hold shape, use your fingers to press the powders into the mold and produce a smooth top.
  6. Unmold the bath fizzies after an hour and allow them to fully dry out overnight. Keep in mind that because there is such a high concentration of essential oils in these bombs, they are not meant to soak in a bath tub! Instead, set them on the floor of your shower and allow the steam to carry the scent.
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