Rubber Ducky Soap Tutorial
Recipe type: Melt and Pour
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This Rubber Ducky Soaps are made by placing rubber ducky toys on each bar. They are perfect for bath time fun!
  • 32 oz Clear Soap Base
  • 32 oz White Soap Base
  • Royal Blue LabColor
  • Blue Mix LabColor
  • Blue Green LabColor
  • Celestial Waters Fragrance Oil
  • Castile Liquid Soap
  • Rubber Ducks
  • NOTE: The rubber ducks in this tutorial have been discontinued. The kit now contains Duck Erasers.
  • 10” Silicone Loaf Mold
  1. In a large heat safe container, melt 32 ounces of clear soap in the microwave. Once the soap is melted, separate the soap evenly into two containers (16 ounces in each container).
  2. Add 9 ml of Celestial Waters fragrance oil and 50 drops of diluted Blue Green LabColor to the first batch of melted clear soap. Mix well and set aside. Unsure how to mix up your Labcolors? Click here to learn how to dilute your LabColors.
  3. To the second batch of clear soap, add 9 ml of Celestial Waters, 20 drops of diluted Royal Blue LabColor and 30 drops of diluted Blue Mix LabColor. Mix well and set aside.
  4. In another large, heat safe container, melt 16 ounces of white so soap base in the microwave.
  5. Since the Celestial Waters fragrance oil is yellow in color, we’re only going to add 3 ml of the fragrance oil to the white soap base. We want it to stay nice and white. Leave the soap uncolored.
  6. Let all three containers of soap cool down to 130-135 degrees. Try to time it so they cool at the same time.If one of the three soaps cools down first, pop it back in the microwave for 10 seconds. All three soaps need to be at 130-135 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring. Please note that these temperatures work with the Bramble Berry ‘house’ bases – the bulk bases and other brands will utilize different melt and set points.
  7. Once the soaps are at the ideal pouring temperature, pour a little bit of the teal soap into the mold (about ¼ inch). Then pour the same amount of the blue soap followed by the white soap. Repeat this pouring pattern, alternating soap colors. Spritz with rubbing alcohol to get rid of air bubbles along the way. Once all of the soap is in your mold, let it cool for 4-6 hours before you carefully unmold.
  8. Combine 16 ounces of melted white soap base, 8 Tablespoons of Castile Liquid Soap and 6 ml of Celestial Waters fragrance oil in an electric mixer. Whip the ingredients together on medium switching to high after one minute. Keep mixing until the mixture forms fluffy, whipped peaks that look like frosting.
  9. Use a spatula to quickly frost the entire loaf of soap then swiftly and evenly nestle 6 rubber ducks into the fluffy frosting.
  10. Let the frosting harden for about an hour and the soap is ready to cut! Quack! Quack!
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