What’s New: Spring 2014

There is so much to love about spring. Warmer weather, sunnier days, sprouting flowers and evening walks with the kiddos make it one of my favorite seasons. At Bramble Berry, spring also means new products. We’re rolling out more new tools, fragrances and molds, and we bet you’ll find several things to add to your wishlist.

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Left to right: Carnation Fragrance Oil, Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil

Two exciting fragrance oils have been added to our line: Carnation and Neroli & Shea Blossom. Carnation is the sample of the month through April, so you’ll receive a complimentary .5 oz. sample of it with Bramble Berry orders. This unique fragrance is a strong floral with spicy undertones. Neroli & Shea Blossom, on the other hand, is inspired by Tom Ford’s popular ‘Portofino’ fragrance. It’s a clean, mildly tropical scent. We paired it with Orange Peel Cybilla for this white and swirly soap.

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What’s New: Winter 2014 Edition

The are holidays said and done and the new year is underway, so now is the time treat yourself to new soapy products.  There are dozens of new products (including a crazy triangle spatula and new silicone molds) since the last What’s New post. In the upcoming year, you can expect more new items based on your suggestions.

Fragrance Oils

Sunny Herb Garden Fragrance Oil, Sugared Fruit Surplus Fragrance Oil, Wildflower Honey Fragrance Oil, Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil

Four new fragrances were added to an ever expanding fragrance collectionSunny Herb Garden and Tobacco & Bay Leaf are both earthy, masculine scents. Wildflower Honey is subtly sweet, while Sugared Fruit smells just like its name implies — delightfully sweet candied fruit!

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What’s New for Fall

Santa came early this year to Bramble Berry, and he brought a whole host of new products with him! With winter quickly approaching, we want to highlight some of our new products before the busy soaping season starts. We’ve got a few exciting new tools, several fragrance and essential oils and a library’s worth of books and e-books.  If you have any suggestions for products you’ d like to see Bramble Berry carry, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

In the past few months, we’ve been working hard on some new soaping tools that will change the way you swirl. Our Easy Swirl and Comb Swirl Tools (also available in our Swirl Tool Kit) are a cold process soaper’s dream. Instead of spending time painstakingly getting those peacock or frog foot swirls just perfect, these tools make the designs possible in a matter of minutes.

Our two newest essential oils — Cedarwood Atlas and Palmarosa, are fantastic for any all-natural recipe. Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is said to have aromatherapy benefits, and it’s it’s been said to be helpful for acne-prone skin. In cold process soap, this essential oil has a lovely woodsy scent. Palmarosa Essential Oil, on the other hand, has a soft floral aroma vaguely reminiscent of rose and blends well with citrus-y oils such as Bergamot or milder oils such as Chamomile. We used Palmarosa in the beautiful Fall Leaves soap we cut earlier this week.

To achieve a beautiful blue jean-blue, we’ve introduced a Natural Indigo Powder that can be dispersed in isopropyl alcohol and used in melt & pour or added to the lye water for cold process coloring.  Indigo requires a super hot gel phase to go blue and we found that adding it directly to lye water gets you the most blue color. For the below video, we added it, pre-dispersed, at trace. We used Indigo Powder, Safflower Powder and Paprika Powder to color our Celine Swirl. Check out the cut below:


Easy Grip Silicone Ladle, Round Silicone Spoon, Silicone Spatula, & Square Silicone Spoon

These easy-grip silicone tools have been our go-to tools for our soaping sessions. They’re also easy to clean and sanitize. The rubber handles have a non-slip grip and can resist temperature up to almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can purchase the tools individually or purchase the entire Silicone Tool Set.

Do you want to learn more about making your own lotions, cremes and emulsified scrubs? These three new e-books — Back to Basics, Formulating Lotions & Cremes, and Lotion Making 101 — will give you all the information you need to start formulating your own recipes.  And at the very last moment (minutes before this post went up), we added this 194 page e-book on Hair Care Products. With this e-book, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of hair chemistry, how shampoo and conditioner work and most importantly, how to formulate great quality hair products for everyday use. They’re available for quick download and instant formulation gratification.


We added three new molds for your melt and pour & cold process soaping (or chocolate or plaster or wax crafting). We couldn’t help but add the Ornaments Mold, and the Guest Goat Milk Tray Mold and an art-deco inspired Filigree Bee Mold were too cute to pass up.

In Bubbles to Bucks, veteran soapmaker Elin Criswell explores what it takes to turn your soapmaking hobby into a business. She gives you useful advice on starting a small business so you’ll have the tools to succeed. This is a must-read for any soapmaker wanting to start or grow their business.

We also snuck a  brand new fragrance oil into our line.  Introducing the Amazon Lily & Rain, which smells like florally fresh line-dried linens. If you want a sneak-peek of how it works in cold process, check out our Rainbow Squirty Swirls (it performed beautifully!). Also, be sure to also check out the refill for the Guava Shave Ice Fragrance Oil, which is part of the SoapyLove Island Style Soap Colorants Kit. It’s a great way to keep this perennial summer favorite in-stock.

To achieve the perfect decorative finish for your bath bomb cupcakes, soap meringues, or even your fluffy soap filling, use this brand new Basket Weave Frosting Tip to take your designs to the next level.

Now you can get all your major soapmaking oils in one place. We’ve introduced Canola Oil to our fixed oils line for an affordable, inexpensive oil to use in your recipes. We like using Canola Oil as a partial substitute for Olive Oil when we’re trying to get precise colors in soap because it doesn’t discolor the way Olive Oil sometimes can.

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New at Bramble Berry ~ Back to School Edition

It’s only August, but back to school season is just around the corner. New backpacks for the kids, stocking up on cozy sweaters for fall and of course, gearing up for holiday soapmaking and crafting! Jamisen starts pre-school this next month and he has the cutest little dinosaur backpack to take to school.

It’s been a busy month with lots of new products added, from cute soap molds to fancy new essential oils and finally, a much anticipated aluminum-free deodorant base. We’d love to see photos of your creations on our Facebook page, and you can always check the What’s New section on Bramble Berry’s website to be the first to know when we add new items. Happy soaping!

Melt & Pour Soap Fundraiser Kit

Looking to spice up a fundraiser? Ditch the wrapping paper and chocolates in favor of adorable, handcrafted soaps. This kit includes 100 pounds of melt & pour soap, eight different fragrances, various embeddable toys, an assortment of colorants and all the soaping tools you’d need to make 400 bars of soap. The total value of these items individually be more than $460, and so you save almost $100 when you buy them bundled in this kit. You also get extra downloads to help your student sell (like an order sheet).

Aluminum Free Deodorant Base

You’ve been asking and we’ve finally perfected the recipe. Try out this new aluminum free-deodorant base in our push-tubes for easy use. No additives are necessary, simply melt down and pour into containers. You can add up to .1 oz. of your favorite fragrance or essential oil to make this deodorant your own.

Bio-Mulsion Wax

Bio-Mulsion wax is a naturally-derived, plant-based emulsifying wax that provides superior skin absorption and a nice spreadable consistency. Use this wax in lotions, creams and liquid serums.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Soothing and skin-loving, Colloidal Oatmeal makes an excellent addition to face masks, milk baths, soaps and creams. Its finely ground texture and nourishing properties make it a fantastic additive for those with dry skin.


 Isopropyl Alcohol is the ultimate soapmakers clean-up companion and soda ash fighter. Coconut Milk Powder is an excellent additive and Liquid Crothix helps thicken liquid soaps or shampoos.

Isopropyl Alcohol, Coconut Milk Powder & Liquid Crothix


It’s glitter galore! We’ve introduced four new glitters for your nail polish creations. For inspiration, check out the tutorial we did using the Peacock Nail Polish Glitter.

Gold Nail Polish Glitter, Silver Nail Polish Glitter, Peacock Nail Polish Glitter, & Firebrand Nail Polish Glitter

So many cute molds, so little time!

First Row: Guest Pea Pods, Cow & Calf Tray & Guest Fruit Tray

Second Row: Art Deco Fauna Tray, Bicycle Mold & Iris


Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

We’ve added a fresh and bright essential oil to our fragrance family. As an added bonus, this essential oil is also effective in bug sprays!


Spiced Amber Ale and Cucumber & Kiwi

Get ready for fall with the sweet, aromatic Spiced Amber Ale Fragrance Oil. But if you’re not quite ready for fall, the fruity and fun Cucumber & Kiwi Fragrance Oil can liven up any lingering summer projects.

Feelin’ the Love

Brand new and hot off the press, Debbie Chialtas’ newest Let’s Get Soapy e-zine is now available! This 24-page full color PDF is packed with tutorials for making soaps with water-soluble paper, achieving ombre coloring and working with neon colors for bright soaps that are ready for summer.

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S.O.A.P. (Fall 2012) Fragrances Announced!

Thanks to the Fall/Winter 2012 S.O.A.P. Team for their help picking out our latest fragrance additions! I’m super excited about this round. I can’t wait to tell you all about the latest and greatest scents *you* chose (yay!) along with a few of the notes from the S.O.A.P. team’s initial responses after their rigorous testing. In no particular order, here are the winners:

Waterlily OrangeThis beautiful watery floral fragrance is a harmonious blend of fresh herbal greens, lotus and water lily.  The top has light peppery twist of bergamot, the heart is a crystalline watery flower and the finishing  accord is a graceful woody amber. Despite its floral notes, it is bright and cheery.

“Reminds me of a cool water type fragrance with maybe some fresh cut grass. This would be first on my list to purchase, and that of my friends. Everyone LOVED this one a lot and almost everyone said it reminded them of the ocean.” – Alicia

“It smells like a soft and sexy men’s cologne. I like it a lot!” -Laura

“It’s like sunshine! It just wakes you up and makes you happy.” -Teneshia

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