LabColor Makeover

Vibrant, reliable and fun to use, LabColors are super concentrated dyes that are fantastic soapy colorants. LabColors are an excellent choice for coloring your melt & pour and cold process soaps.

We’re making some minor changes to our LabColor line, but have no fear — we’ve reformulated them to make them easier to use than ever. To get everything packaged and ready to ship out, we’re temporarily taking all LabColors out of stock today, Thursday, October 24th. You will not be able to purchase LabColors at this time. However, when LabColors come back in stock on Monday, October 28, you’ll simply log in to your Bramble Berry account and place an order for LabColor like normal.

Check the Soap Queen blog on Monday, October 28 to learn more about how to use the new and improved LabColors!


Painting Soap with Mica Powder Video

Painting Soap with Mica on Soap Queen TV

This technique is quick, easy and gives a beautiful result. So I thought it would be perfect for a Soap Queen short video! Dry brushing mica onto finished soap is a fast way to highlight the detail of a soap mold design. Although it will wash off in the first or second use, you’ll still have a pretty bar of soap – just a little plainer looking.

To make the soap in this video you will need:

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Painting Soap with Mica

How To Make Solid Bubble Bath on Soap Queen TV

Learn to make Solid Buble Bath Bars on Soap Queen TV

It took me over a year of testing and formulating to find the perfect recipe for Solid Bubble Bath. It dries to a solid bar – but isn’t so hard that you can’t crumble it up with your fingers. Rolling up the bar is a little tricky to get the cute swirl in the center, but if you’ve ever made sushi or a jelly roll cake you will be a pro at this. And, nothing says you can’t start easy and just go with one color instead of the double color that I show in this video. [Read more…]

Sunset Ombre Soap Tutorial

Here is the first of many, many recipes included with the brand spankin’ new Business in a Box Kit, exclusively from Bramble Berry. With the kit, you get this Ombre Soap advanced technique recipe along with another (soon to be revealed) technique option and a Business in a Box quick start guide all in a handy PDF. Read even more about all of the contents in the Business in a Box Kit here. Note that this recipe below uses the Quick Mix oils but this technique will work for any slow-moving recipe.

This soapmaking technique is for a super on-trend ombre look. Try out different color schemes with other LabColors from your Business in a Box kit for varied styles. Match colors to fragrance or essential oils, or create multiple colored soaps for a rainbow-esque display. Simply colored soap, when strategically layered, creates a light to dark fade that is sure to impress your customers. A seamless transition between colors will show off your expert sense of color and design.

Business in a Box Ombre Soap


33 oz Lots of Lather Quick Mix

11 oz Distilled Water

4.7 oz Sodium Hydroxide

Diluted Canary LabColor

Diluted Orange Labcolor

2 oz Energy Fragrance Oil

10” Silicone Loaf Mold

If you’d love to try out this tutorial but aren’t ready for the full Business in a Box kit, click here to add ingredients for just this recipe to your Bramble Berry shopping cart! [Read more…]

Fuzzy Felted Soap Balls

Thank you to Amanda Griffin from Lovin’ Soap for doing this tutorial. It’s like a cold process-felting tutorial all in one! We love it so much that we’ve got Cranberry Chutney fragrance on sale for you! I am loving her Charcoal Facial bar right now. Amanda is one talented soapmaker and we are lucky to have her guest blog today! Anne-Marie PS – If you’re new to soapmaking, safety up! Gloves, goggles, kids out of the way, no aluminum and review the basics here!

Felted Soap Balls

This recipe fits nicely into two of the round sphere molds. Tutorial by Amanda from Lovin’ Soap. [Read more…]

Ombre Rebatch Layers

I’m revisiting rebatch this week with a fun take on the popular look of ombre. A delicious blend of earthy, herby and citrus essential oils come together to complete this warm-hued and fun-textured soap. Plus, read on about a new addition to the Bramble Berry product line and how you can get one of your own!

Ombre Rebatch

Recipe and Tools:

3 pounds Grated Luxury Rebatch

2-4 Tablespoons Distilled Water

Diluted Red LabColor

0.9 oz  Orange Valencia Essential Oil

0.2 oz Star Anise Essential Oil

0.1 oz Patchouli Essential Oil

2 Pound Wood Log Mold

Droppers with Suction Bulb

Plastic Food Wrap

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Soaping Notes

I’ve been making a lot of soap in the last few weeks – testing out new products, trying fun techniques, putting a different spin on color schemes and generally having a creative time in the Soap Lab. I made the soap below with Labcolors (Canary, Tangerine, Red and Berry Red) and the always delightful Pineapple Cilantro fragrance. You can tell that this was a batch that I was playing with some swirling and design techniques on. That’s the bonus of a wide, flat horizontal mold – lots of canvas to play on.


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