LabColor Makeover

Vibrant, reliable and fun to use, LabColors are super concentrated dyes that are fantastic soapy colorants. LabColors are an excellent choice for coloring your melt & pour and cold process […]

Painting Soap with Mica Powder Video

This technique is quick, easy and gives a beautiful result. So I thought it would be perfect for a Soap Queen short video! Dry brushing mica onto finished soap is […]

How To Make Solid Bubble Bath on Soap Queen TV

It took me over a year of testing and formulating to find the perfect recipe for Solid Bubble Bath. It dries to a solid bar – but isn’t so hard […]

Sunset Ombre Soap Tutorial

Here is the first of many, many recipes included with the brand spankin’ new Business in a Box Kit, exclusively from Bramble Berry. With the kit, you get this Ombre […]

Fuzzy Felted Soap Balls

Thank you to Amanda Griffin from Lovin’ Soap for doing this tutorial. It’s like a cold process-felting tutorial all in one! We love it so much that we’ve got Cranberry Chutney fragrance on sale […]

Ombre Rebatch Layers

I’m revisiting rebatch this week with a fun take on the popular look of ombre. A delicious blend of earthy, herby and citrus essential oils come together to complete this […]

Soaping Notes

I’ve been making a lot of soap in the last few weeks – testing out new products, trying fun techniques, putting a different spin on color schemes and generally having […]

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