Kid-Friendly Project Roundup

I am an over-the-top ridiculous, messy crafter. If you left me in a Michaels craft store for a month with enough microwaveable meals and water, I could happily live there, exploring all the different arts, crafts and crazy skills they have to offer (seriously though, I’ve always wanted to learn how to solder; doesn’t that seem fun yet also, useful?!) Arts and crafts promote creativity and problem solving skills in every age – but, especially in our kiddos. Creating art projects with your kids is also a great bonding activity. There are so many fun projects that you and your little can create together, including melt and pour, bath fizzies and nail polish. The project you choose will depend on your child’s age and skill level. In general, I recommend keeping the projects simple. That way the activity stays fun, easy and stress-free. My favorite activity craft subscription boxes are Kiwi Crate, Koala Crate, Messy Play Kit (pictured below, top two photos) and Handmade Beauty Box (of course!).

kidscollageJamisen and Lily love to create!

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Carnation Cube Cuties Melt and Pour Tutorial

We’re getting back to the basics today with this cute cube melt & pour. This project is great for beginners and it’s also an excellent way to build some basic melt and pour skills. It requires that you keep a close eye on your temperatures because you don’t want to melt the delicate jojoba beads or break the smooth layers. The project also uses the Carnation Fragrance Oil, which is our sample of the month for April. With every order, you’ll receive .5 oz. of this unique spicy floral fragrance (yes, I said “spicy” and “floral”!).

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Domino Soap Video Tutorial

In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I show a fun melt and pour technique for creating soaps that look like over-sized dominoes. I used a luxurious blend of Honey and Goat Milk melt & pour soap to make the perfect ivory color.

To make this soap you will need:

Get everything you need to make this soap.

Note the video lists 16 oz of Honey M&P but we actually used 18 oz. using a little less in the final layer won’t ruin your soap, so if you only have 16 oz of honey soap – it will still work!

Baby Massage Oil Video

Really, this could be called ‘Human Massage Oil’ since it’s not just good for babies but boy oh boy, little babies do love it. =) In this Soap Queen Short, I show how to make a baby massage oil and then try it out on Lily. She loved it. If you don’t have a baby, this recipe is also a wonderful massage oil for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin. By the way, Lily nailed her part in this video on the first take – she’s a natural.

Note: The Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil has been discontinued. The kit now includes Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil

To make this recipe you will need:

To make the infused Calendula oil follow the instructions in this video or in this e-book and use:

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Welcome to Summer: A Camp Bramble Berry Project

No summer is complete without a trip to summer camp. Sleeping under the stars, adventurous outdoor activities, pancake breakfasts and of course, the annual camp-wide talent show are all part of the fun, right? Well, we surely didn’t want to miss out!

So pack up your sleeping bags and don’t forget the bug spray, because we’re super excited to announce Camp Bramble Berry — our own soapy version of summer camp. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll deliver awesome, kid friendly projects that are not only fun to make, but fun to play with afterward too!

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What You’ll Need:

13.5 oz. White Melt and Pour Base

Peach Lab Color

Periwinkle Lab Color

Green Apple Lab Color

Easter Purple Lab Color

Teal Lab Color

 Creamsicle Fragrance Oil

 Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil

 Strawberry Fragrance Oil

Pearberry Fragrance Oil

Blueberry Fragrance Oil

9 Ball Sphere Mold


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ONE:  Cut the White Melt and Pour soap base into similarly-sized chunks, each no bigger than about an inch. In a heat-safe container, melt the soap on short, 30 second bursts in the microwave and stir between each burst.

TWO: Divide the soap into five heat safe containers, with 3 oz. of soap in four containers and 1.5 oz. of soap in the fifth container.

THREE: Next,  add one fragrance oil per cup. Be sure to keep track of which fragrance oil goes in which cup or else your fragrances and colors will be mismatched.

These are fragrance and color mates we used:

3 mL Peach with  1 mL Creamsicle Fragrance Oil

3 mL Green Apple with 1 mL Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil

2 mL Easter Purple with 1 mL Strawberry Fragrance Oil

2 mL Teal with  1 mL Pearberry Fragrance Oil

2 mL Periwinkle with 1 mL Blueberry Fragrance Oil

FOUR: Add in your colorants. Undiluted Lab Colors can be difficult to mix into soap, so heat the colors (particularly the blues and greens) in the microwave on 5 second bursts. After heating, make sure the cap is on tight and shake vigorously. Add one colorant per cup to its corresponding fragrance.

Tip: Be especially careful with the Teal because it tends to clump. You may even want to stir the colorant with a mini mixer so you don’t end up with spots of concentrated color in your finished soaps.

FIVE:  Now pour your soap into the mold. Each cavity will hold 1.5 oz. of soap, so you’ll get two soap crayons per color. One of your cups should only contain 1.5 oz of soap, so that will fill the remaining cavity. Spray with isopropyl alcohol to release surface tension and prevent bubbles.  Allow the soaps to sit for at least 5 hours before unmolding.

SIX: Test the soap crayons in a discrete area on your tub before unleashing your child’s creativity. Rinse away with a washcloth and warm water.

And there you go! Looks like you’ve earned your first Camp BB project badge =) Jamisen definitely had a ton of fun with these soapy crayons creations.



Baby Sprinkle Series: Strawberry Tart Melt and Pour Soaps

First in our series of Bramble Girl Sprinkle tutorials – Strawberry Tart Melt and Pour Soaps. These adorable little guest-sized soaps make for a wonderful token of appreciation for guests. Paired with flower-shaped mini bath fizzies and packaged in a sweet ombre gift bag your guests should be excited about their next opportunity for a soak in the tub.  Have you downloaded your free sprinkle PDFs yet? Attach one of the custom-designed tags to the favor bag to complete the look!

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Bramble Girl’s Welcome Sprinkle

Sprinkle: not quite a baby shower, which is traditionally reserved for the arrival of the first child. Not one to turn down a fun couple of hours with girlfriends chatting about all things business, book club and yes, baby! The Sprinkle also doubled as a housewarming party after our recent move. And it wouldn’t have been a very Bramble Sprinkle without a few crafty details, and I’ve got big plans to share fun tutorials right here on the blog.

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