How to Make Fresh Rain Sugar Scrub – Short Video

DIY Sugar Scrub Tutorial on Soap Queen TV

Today’s video is a Soap Queen Short. These are different than the regular, full length videos in that they are quick and show a fun, easy recipe that doesn’t require much explaining.

This Fresh Rain Sugar Scrub is so easy to make and a really nice alternative to traditional oil & sugar scrubs that can be greasy and slippery in the shower. Potassium Cocoate is one of the key ingredients in this scrub. It’s a soap concentrate made from coconut oil that contains glycerin resulting in a lovely, moisture-rich scrub. Plus, Jojoba beads add a pretty sprinkle of color, and, as highlighted in this Sunday Night Spotlight, they are an ideal alternative to plastic micro-beads.

 Click here to get everything you need to make this scrub.

Recipe to make 3 jars of scrub:

Cotton Candy Cold Process Soap

This is a fun technique that gives you a surprise whichever way you cut your soap. Using squirt bottles I create a cross-hatch pattern in tones of pink and teal. Although this technique is easy it does take some time and careful attention to your trace. To make a successful Cotton Candy soap be patient and keep your trace very, very light.

To make this soap you will need:

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Domino Soap Video Tutorial

In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I show a fun melt and pour technique for creating soaps that look like over-sized dominoes. I used a luxurious blend of Honey and Goat Milk melt & pour soap to make the perfect ivory color.

To make this soap you will need:

Get everything you need to make this soap.

Note the video lists 16 oz of Honey M&P but we actually used 18 oz. using a little less in the final layer won’t ruin your soap, so if you only have 16 oz of honey soap – it will still work!

Make Faux Funnel Pour Soap ~ Soap Queen TV Video

Faux Funnel Pour Cold Process Soap

In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I show how easy the Faux Funnel pour technique is. But first let’s talk about the name. We call it the Faux Funnel pour because it looks like the funnel pour technique, but you don’t use a funnel! The result is that the layers are a little less even. I think it gives the soap a beautifully organic look and when you cut the soap every slice is a surprise.

SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! That means goggles, gloves and long sleeves. Make sure kids, pets, and other distractions and tripping hazards are out of the house or don’t have access to your soaping space. Always soap in a well-ventilated area.

To make this soap you will need:

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S.O.A.P. Panel Surprise!

Just when you thought the S.O.A.P. Panel goodness was over, it’s ba-ack! The new S.O.A.P Panel includes eight fantastic fragrances that didn’t make it into the first round. That also means eight new panelists to try them. We had many applicants who were eager to be part of the first panel, and we hated having to choose just eight out of the first group. Below are the new group of testers who were chosen from the original  S.O.A.P. Panel applications for this second round of testing, as well as a few reviews from our last round of panel members.

S.O.A.P. Panel Round 2 Members:

Sabine of Soap Stars
Challene of Meadow Creek Boutique
Lorraine of Presque Isle Soap Company
Molly of Making Stuff
Stacey of Feeding the Habit
Carrie of Simply 7 Skincare
Birdie of Earth and Herbs
Sarah of Bubble and Flame

Top left, clockwise: Soap Stars, Meadow Creek Boutique, Presque Isle Soap Company, Making Stuff

Top left, clockwise: Feeding the Habit, Simply 7 Skincare, Earth and Herbs, Bubble and Flame

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Show Your Love: The Sale You’ve Been Waiting For

Our ‘Show Your Love week’ is almost over. We’ve enjoyed designing special sales, deals and tutorials and we’re not done yet! If phone calls into the office this morning are any indication, this is the biggie that you’ve been waiting for.

From noon Pacific Standard Time today (February 4) until noon Pacific Standard Time tomorrow (February 5), all fragrance oils at Bramble Berry are 15% off. Enter the coupon code SHOLUV88 during checkout to automatically receive the discount. Fine print: this offer does not apply to essential oils, the SoapyLove collection or fragrance oil sample kits. Yes, you can combine this discount with other offers and coupons (including the LOVE30 discount!).

It’s our way of showing you the love!

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Sunday Night Spotlight: Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil

If you’re a dark chocolate fanatic like I am, you know that it’s almost impossible to avoid it over the holidays (or for that matter, anytime). With our Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil, you can indulge as much as you want without any of the calories!

This sweet scent is as realistic as they come. In a review of the fragrance, one soaper’s teenage son thought she was actually baking a chocolate cake! Sugary top notes with deep mocha and cocoa bottom notes give this fragrance excellent staying power in cold process soap. Because it’s such a luscious fragrance, it does discolor to a deep ebony brown.

Edit: We asked for it and you delivered! You suggested so many blends with this wonderful fragrance that we’re listing them below. You can read through the original thread on Facebook here.

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