Essential Oil

White Thyme Essential Oil + Massage Cream Tutorial

You may already be familiar with thyme for its culinary uses — this slow baked salmon with lemon & thyme recipe, for example? Yeah, it’s to die for! Beyond the […]

How to Make the Perfect Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap

In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I redeem myself. In case you don’t remember, I posted a video on how to do the Peacock Swirl in cold process soap […]

Charcoal and Rose Clay Spa Bar

I’ve been so absorbed with cold process recipes because of the Soap Crafting book I thought it would be nice to change things up and get back to melt & […]

Home Spa: Gentle Gel Serum

Relieve tired eyes with a serum part of the Home Spa collection of tutorials. The ingredients in this formula were specifically selected for their skin-loving properties. For example, Carrot Seed Essential […]

Treat Yourself to a Home Spa

From the cobblestone streets of Paris to the watery canals of Venice, Bramble Berry is bringing the treasures of old world Europe a little closer to home this summer. Starting […]

Sunday Night Spotlight: Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil

It’s time for another Sunday Night Spotlight to discuss a product in detail, including fun recipes and in this case, blends. If you have any suggestions for a Sunday Night […]

What are Water White Fragrance Oils?

Welcome to another Q&A session about everything soapy and soap related. Check out our previous information product posts all about Nail Polish, Lip Balm, All Things Lotion, Preservatives, Melt and Pour Soap or Colorants. This week’s post […]

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