Classic CP Swirl Soap on Soap Queen TV

It’s another Throw-Back Thursday #tbt on Soap Queen TV. This time Christy from KB Shimmer is joining me to demonstrate a classic swirl. This video is from 2010, so please forgive the retro set design.

Please note that before making the soap in this video you should be comfortable making basic batches of cold process soap. This is definitely an advanced technique, so if you haven’t made CP soap before you must watch and practice the recipes in my basic Cold Process soapmaking video series (it’s free!).

In this video we talk about using room temperature lye water. What this means is that we mixed up the lye solution 3 or 4 hours before we made our soap so that it wouldn’t be hot when we used it. You could even mix up your lye solution the day before – just be really sure it is well labeled and not left in a place where someone might think it was just water. Using room temperature lye helps to slow down the saponification process so that you have plenty of time to work with your soap and make those beautiful swirls!

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29.4 oz Olive Oil
16 oz Palm Oil
12.8 oz Coconut Oil
3.8 oz Cocoa Butter
1.9 oz Castor Oil

20.7 oz Distilled Water
8.9 oz Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

2.5 oz. Lemon Essential Oil
1.5 oz. Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
1/2 tsp Ultramarine Blue Pigment
1/2 tsp Ultramarine Violet Pigment
1/2 tsp Yellow Oxide

18 Bar Baltic Birch Mold

2 Heat safe non-reactive containers
3 small non-reactive containers for colors
Stick Blender
Small Spatulas
Wooden Skewers

Safety Gear:
Long sleeve shirt and pants

Sunday Night Spotlight: Peppermint Essential Oil

Sure it may remind you of Christmas and candy canes, but peppermint essential oils shouldn’t be limited to holiday-themed projects. Bramble Berry carries two types of peppermint essential oils, and while their differences are subtle, they can be important! Read on to learn more about both kinds of peppermint essential oil and how you can use them in a wide variety of projects.

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Juicy Orange & Sweet Rose Cold Process

I’m a huge fan of fancy swirled tops, but for this recipe I decided to switch things up. This orange-scented soap is piled high with orange peels and rose petals, and the rich orange color comes from paprika — yes, the same paprika that’s probably in your kitchen!

Herbs, botanicals and spices as colorants are some of the best kept secrets in soapmaking, and you can learn more about using them in cold process soaping here. Finally, be aware that although the orange and rose topping is beautiful, they are natural items that will wilt or even mold if left in the shower and in wet conditions long enough.

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White Thyme Essential Oil + Massage Cream Tutorial

You may already be familiar with thyme for its culinary uses — this slow baked salmon with lemon & thyme recipe, for example? Yeah, it’s to die for! Beyond the kitchen though, thyme also has a long history as a purifying plant and medicinal herb.  Believe it or not, thyme was used by the Egyptians for embalming, by the Greeks as incense and in Europe in the Middle Ages to ward off nightmares. You can read more about thyme on its Wikipedia page here.

In soapmaking, White Thyme Essential Oil is a soothing scent that works in soaps, lotions and creams.

Our White Thyme Essential Oil is first steam distilled from the flowers of the plant which creates a red thyme oil. The re-distillation produces the more gentle white thyme.

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How to Make the Perfect Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap

Peacock Swirl in coldp process soap on Soap Queen TV

In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I redeem myself. In case you don’t remember, I posted a video on how to do the Peacock Swirl in cold process soap and although the soap turned out nice, it wasn’t a great example of the peacock swirl design. So I designed a set of tools to help me do it perfectly every time. While I’ve used the swirl tools in previous tutorials (peacock challenge, frog foot swirl,  & butterfly swirl), you get to see them in action in this video!

Please Note: The in-video links only work on the YouTube website (darn!).
See the basic cold process videos here.

SAFETY FIRST: Suit up for safe handling practices! That means goggles, gloves and long sleeves. Make sure kids, pets, and other distractions and tripping hazards are out of the house or don’t have access to your soaping space. Always soap in a well-ventilated area.

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To make the soap in this video you will need:

Tools and molds I used include:

Charcoal and Rose Clay Spa Bar

I’ve been so absorbed with cold process recipes because of the Soap Crafting book I thought it would be nice to change things up and get back to melt & pour soap. In this episode of Soap Queen TV, I make an incredibly luxurious soap which I named the Spa Bar. For the base I used our Shea melt & pour soap and then I used Activated Charcoal and Rose Clay for their purifying and cleansing properties – plus they look gorgeous together. To scent the bars I used Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, and Red Brazilian Mandarin Essential Oils for a natural finish to this tiny spa in a bar of soap project.

To make this soap you will need:

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Home Spa: Gentle Gel Serum

Relieve tired eyes with a serum part of the Home Spa collection of tutorials. The ingredients in this formula were specifically selected for their skin-loving properties. For example, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, which some studies suggest provides a natural source free-radical-fighting antioxidants, is wonderful for mature skin. Additionally, the Evening Primrose Extract is extremely gentle and is often used to treat acne, eczema and  psoriasis. The Bulgarian Lavender provides an element of aromatherapy, and it’s all held together by a combination of nourishing oils and waxes. Finish off your creation with our vintage label design. Download the free PDF template here.

What You’ll Need:

1.5 oz. Chia Seed Oil

1.2 oz. Fractionated Coconut Oil

.24 oz. Evening Primrose Extract

1 tsp. Cera Bellina Wax

3 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil

15 drops Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil

2 Droppers

Non-Stackable Clear Lip Butter Pots

Label Template

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ONE: In a microwave safe container, combine the Chia Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil and Evening Primrose Extract.

TWO: After the oils and extract have been thoroughly stirred together, add the Cera Bellina Wax. Place in the microwave on 30 second bursts until the wax is fully melted.

THREE: After the wax has been fully melted into the oils, add the Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil and mix well.

FOUR: Slowly pour the mixture into the lip balm tins. Pour until you reach the indented groove in the tins.

FIVE: Place the tins without their lids in the freezer for 30 minutes to an 1 hour. This step is essential or your gel won’t set up!

If you make this or any of our Home Spa Collection projects we’d love to see them! Share them on Instagram or on Facebook and be sure to add #homespa so we can find them.