Life’s a Beach

We’ve had a chaotic weekend thus far. The whole family went to a Scandinavian festival this morning and loaded up on the baked goods. I had gone over a month without any sugar prior to the day after Halloween (darn those mini Butterfingers that pulled me back in) and the festival was enough to do me in for good. There were so many delicious Scandinavian baked goods and I helped myself to plenty of them. We’re hoping for a good old fashioned game night tonight (Rook or Scrabble) but we’ll see how long we all last. Lily is going through a new sleep cycle and it involves being up for a fair stretch of the night. She is going to try solids for the first time tonight (steamed broccoli with butter) so I’m hoping that will help her sleep longer. Fingers crossed. I hope you’re having a great weekend AND haven’t made my same mistake with the after-Halloween candy leftovers. =)

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  1. Leslie says

    Hey, she’s only 5 months old. Plenty of time for solids. Breast milk is naturally sweet, so broccoli and butter must have been quite a shock!!

    Our little one didn’t have solids until he was almost a year old. He nursed until he was way past toddler age, as well. Breast milk was the BEST sleep-inducer we found, for our guy.

    Today, he’s almost 15 and loves almost all veggies (preferably roasted or grilled). Exceptions: tomatoes and carrots (he’s never liked carrots, but neither do I).

    He “discovered” onions on our recent vacation to England and now wants them with every meal. Yea!!

    • says

      Hi Leslie,

      Totally lots of time for solids in the rest of her life. I was hoping it would help her sleep better but have backed off a bit when it was clear she wasn’t a huge fan! =)

      I love that your son enjoys veggies. You can’t find a lot of 15 year olds where that is true. Nice work there Mom! =)

      • Leslie says

        Yup, he’s a real veggie hound. His faves are roasted Brussels Sprouts with sautéed pancetta, cream and garlic; roasted butternut squash smothered with cranberries, maple syrup and dessert wine; and grilled red peppers and onions. Also, French onion soup and simple caramelized onions. Life is good…………

    • says

      My problem is that I basically used it as an excuse to just overindulge all weekend so I’m on 4 straight days of mainlining sugar. We have one party to go to tonight that I’m not going to be “that girl” that doesn’t eat anything but after that, back to no dairy, no gluten, and no sugar. I felt a whole lot more energetic eating that way …

  2. Kelly R says

    Oooh, I hope the solids experiment went okay ! Broccoli is one of those veggies — like cabbage — that can cause a bubbly tummy and gastric distress. Perhaps something easier to digest before the tough stuff ? You might try solids like rice or cereal before bedtime to help with the sleepy-byes. In any event, I promise you WILL sleep thru the night again someday ! My first (and tiny preemie high-needs) baby did not sleep thru the night until age 7, and I thought I’d never make it. We did, and she’s a lovely high school freshman who sleeps ‘eight straight’ now, and likes to help me make soap ! A Scandinavian festival, hmmm ? Did they have any ‘hart’s horn salt’ for sale ? I have an OLD Xmas cookie recipe that calls for it, and it’s hard to find !

    Blessings !

    • says

      Solids experiment did NOT go okay! Despite having Dr. Grandpa here, she was not a fan of the broccoli and choked and gagged a little. Sigh.

      Grandpa suggested carrots next so I’ll try that next.

      We did reward her with her first taste of ice cream however and she was very happy and thankful for that!

      We have a big box of the baby rice cereal to try after a few veggies. Supposedly the latest research is to try veggies first? She’s still breastfeeding so she’s still getting all those good nutrients too (thankfully).

      Glad that your little one finally slept through the night but you’re a saint – 7 years of not one single full night’s rest for you? You deserve a medal! =)

      • Kelly R says

        Nope, not a saint. But I never drank wine before having kids, and now I have 1 glass every night with dinner. Coincidence ? You be the judge … 😆

        I mixed the rice with (pumped) milk with great success. Squash, bananas and plums were successful. Carrots were our stand by laxative, so go figure. DD 2 got that same effect with smashed peas, so there’s no sure thing, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered, working on # 2.

        As a toddler, a cup of warm (not hot) chamomile tea with milk and honey also worked wonders. I considered a shot of jack, but never quite got desperate enough to try it.

        As for sleeping through the night … being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea helped a LOT. So at least what sleep I *did* get was effective. Also, DH got up on Friday and Saturday nights, so I always knew if I could hang on until Friday, I’d make it. But I look back, and don’t know how we did it. Still wouldn’t trade a moment of it. No medals, but stars in my crown in heaven. :-)

        Glad the candy is gone, and already looking at roast veggie recipes for TG. Remember, their little taste buds like sweet stuff for a reason — they are more sensitive to bitter and sour than we are. Just like you like different scents at 25 than 45, I guess.

        Peace **

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