Chatting with Zahida of Handmade in Florida

Zahida of Handmade in Florida creates stunning cold process soap featuring signature swirls and gorgeous colors. With numerous soap challenge wins under her belt, Zahida has popularized several soaping techniques including the “Butterfly Swirl.” Her passion for creating and eye for design shines through in her blog and YouTube videos.
Before diving into soap, Zahida worked in corporate management and was an active member of the aviation industry, serving on several boards including the Pass Bureau Association. Zahida took a break from the corporate world after the birth of her son, and began soaping shortly after. Read on to learn more about Zahida, her business, and what inspires her to create such gorgeous soap!


Puppy Love Melt and Pour

  • Difficulty:Beginner
  • Time:1 hour
  • Yields:Three 4.25 ounce bars

Furry friends bring loads of fun and love into our lives. Growing up, I had an Australian Blue Heeler named Hershey and a sweet cat named Tiger. During high school I ran a small business breeding and selling Russian Dwarf Hamsters. I love animals of all shapes and sizes!

This Puppy Love Melt and Pour project uses the new Good Dog Mold 2 to create three adorable and unique puppy soaps. If you are looking for more dog molds, the Good Dog Mold 1 features three different designs. Scented with Energy Fragrance Oil and colored using various color blocks, these molds are easy to customize to recreate your own pet. If you enjoy looking at cute animal photos (who doesn’t?), scroll to the bottom of this post =)


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Sharing tutorials, soapy inspiration and bits of my life on this blog motivates and inspires me immensely. I love being able to swap ideas and interact with fellow soapers! Did you know you can find more Soap Queen tutorials, inspiration and behind the scenes sneak peeks via other social media outlets? Check out all the unique, fun soapy activity happening on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Google + and Facebook.

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Sunday Night Spotlight: Jojoba Beads

Looking to add gentle exfoliation and a pop of color to your next project? Small, spherical jojoba beads are a great option. Created from jojoba oil, jojoba beads (sometimes referred to as jojoba esters) are odorless, firm and come in a various colors and sizes. Jojoba beads can be used in various projects including melt and pour, scrubs and cold process.

Love the cheery orange color of jojoba bead shown above? This new color will be available soon!

Jojoba oil is a luxurious liquid wax derived from the seed of the Jojoba shrub. Jojoba oil is made of up various long chain molecules. These molecules are transformed from a liquid to a solid wax by processes called hydrogenation or transesterification. This firm wax is referred to a jojoba ester, also known as a jojoba bead!


Facebook Photo of the Week (Sept. 13th ~ Sept. 19th)

This week was all about saving time, planning ahead and being efficient. When soaping, the cleanup can be both messy and time consuming. Oils can get spilled, colorants can get knocked over. And don’t forget about the dishes – a pretty design takes a lot of bowls! While cleaning up isn’t the most fun part of soaping, it can be easy with this Soapy Session Clean Up Guide.


Handmade Holidays Roundup

The past two weeks, the holidays came early with a series of festive projects and tutorials. Even though the holidays seem far away, making handmade gifts takes a lot of time and planning. This is the year to plan ahead and have a stress-free, handmade holiday!

Christmas Tree Swirl Cold Process

  • Difficulty:Advanced
  • Time:2 Hours
  • Yields:5 pounds of soap

Handmade cold process soap makes a fantastic gift. Everybody loves the beautiful designs, fun colors and skin loving properties. Because many people have never experienced handmade soap before, it’s extra fun to give! This festive Christmas Tree Swirl Cold Process features a reverse hidden feather swirl, made popular by Handmade in Florida. Topped with Sparkle Gold Mica, this cold process project would be perfect under the tree.

Cold process soap requires a four to six week cure time, making now the optimal time to create soap for the holidays. If you are looking for more holiday project ideas, check out the Handmade Holiday Gift Inspiration post. From lip balm to melt and pour, there is a gift for everybody on your list.


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