Layered Lilac Loofah Cold Process


When planning a cold process soap design, fragrance oil selection plays a huge role. Some fragrance oils discolor brown (learn more about that here), making bright colors difficult. Other fragrance oils accelerate trace, which can make complicated designs like a Column Pour or a Peacock Swirl tricky … Continue Reading

Melt & Pour Bath Crayons


For most kids, bath time actually means play time! From rubber duckies to mermaids, the bath is a fun place to let kids' imagination run wild. These Melt and Pour Bath Crayons give kiddos another way to get creative in the tub. Made with melt and pour soap and LabColors, these crayons are perfect … Continue Reading

Jabbering with Jodi of Lakehurst Farms

DSCN6745 (2)

Jodi from Lakehurst Farms creates both melt and pour and cold process soap that is full of color, creative embeds and beautiful swirls. Just one look at Jodi's soap, and you can see Jodi has a keen eye for design. Jodi's sister Renee also creates soap, specializing in melt and pour. Together, they … Continue Reading

Soapy Social Media Roundup and Winners!


This week I spent a few days in the beautiful (and cold!) New York City. It was wonderful to see the big city all dressed up for the holidays. All you New Yorkers are lucky to live in such a bustling, magical place. While most of my time was spent working (pinch me, I got to meet the Martha Stewart … Continue Reading