Soft Almond Sugar Cookies


I'm certain that when desserts are pink, they somehow taste better. I don't have any hard evidence for this theory, but looking at my dessert choices (such as these Chocolate Chip Beet Cupcakes, Ombre Layer Cake and Pink and Blue(berry) Shortbread Cookies) my taste buds certainly agree. Even savory … Continue Reading

Soapy Social Media Roundup


The exciting news this week was my visit to the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle. It was an amazing Disneyland experience - the Disneyland of coffee that is! I was so inspired by the visit that I'm pretty sure there's a blog post in there about branding and experience. I instagrammed (and even vined!) … Continue Reading

Luck of the Irish Hot Process Tutorial

Luck of the Irish Hot Process Soap2

When you don't have time to make cold process soap, hot process soap making is a good next choice. The extra heat speeds up the saponification process, which cuts down on cure time. Hot process soap only requires 1-2 days in the mold, even with palm-free recipes like this one. With St. Patrick's Day … Continue Reading