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Chatting with Zahida of Handmade in Florida

Zahida of Handmade in Florida creates stunning cold process soap featuring signature swirls and gorgeous colors. With numerous soap challenge wins under her belt, Zahida has popularized several soaping techniques including the “Butterfly […]

6 Simple Strategies for Better Time Management

My job changes from day to day. It makes life interesting. I am never bored. It also means I am consistently running from thing to thing, often without the time […]

Interview with Katie of Royalty Soaps

Amazed by the saponification process during a soap making class, Katie White of Royalty Soaps started her business at only 17 years old. Her gorgeous soapy creations are full of […]

Interview with The Silk Soap Company

Several months ago, I received a magazine along with a kind note from Kristen Koscielniak of The Silk Soap Company. Kristen and her soapy business had landed the cover of Delray Beach Magazine, […]

Run Toward Something Great

I recently attended a gathering of some of the top brand mavens in Washington state. With Seattle incubating some of the coolest, most hip brands in business, there were some […]

Guest Post: From Gel Phase to Sell Phase

It’s many soapers’ dreams to be able to open up a real storefront. Our guest blogger Dawn gives us an excellent recap of a 2014 Soap Guild session by Charlene […]

Guest Post: Pricing Your Products

Making soap is the fun part, but developing a pricing strategy to sell your soap is often the not-so-fun-part. Our guest blogger Dawn Cabral-Quimby came back from Soap Guild 2014 […]

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