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Like and Win Contest Winners!

Thanks to everybody who entered the Like and Win Contest! It’s been fun to interact with new followers via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, as well as connecting with existing […]

Soapy Social Media Roundup

Happy first official week of fall! The Pacific Northwest certainly received the fall-memo, as the weather changed suddenly from sun to pouring rain this week. On the bright side, the […]

Facebook Photo of the Week (Sept. 20th ~ Sept. 26th)

This week was all about bright cheerful color! Jojoba beads are a great way to add a pop of color to your soapy projects. They also provide all-natural, bio-degradable, gentle […]

Like and Win!

Sharing tutorials, soapy inspiration and bits of my life on this blog motivates and inspires me immensely. I love being able to swap ideas and interact with fellow soapers! Did you know […]

Sunday Night Spotlight: Jojoba Beads

Looking to add gentle exfoliation and a pop of color to your next project? Small, spherical jojoba beads are a great option. Created from jojoba oil, jojoba beads (sometimes referred to as […]

Facebook Photo of the Week (Sept. 13th ~ Sept. 19th)

This week was all about saving time, planning ahead and being efficient. When soaping, the cleanup can be both messy and time consuming. Oils can get spilled, colorants can get […]

Facebook Photo of the Week (Sept. 6th ~ Sept. 12th)

Handmade gifts are a special treat during the holidays. Giving someone a gift you worked hard on is a great feeling. Handmade gifts – especially cold process soap – do […]

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