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The River Runs Deep: An explanation of glycerin rivers

Soapmaking is as much a science as it is an art. Countless variables can affect the look and feel of your soap. Temperature is a huge factor in soapmaking, and […]

Black Cherry Bounces Back

Our Soap Crafting Club had a little bit more of a challenge than we planned for this week. When reports of failing batches came in on the private Soap Crafting […]

The Spoon Trick

Coloring lip balm can be tricky. Often times, getting the perfect oil and wax blend is difficult to master, and the color in melted balm is different than the color […]

Soapy Math

It’s been many years since I learned the ins and outs of percentages, ratios and parts. I get plenty of practice playing with them though since almost every day is […]

Declutter it up!

Spring is around the corner, and that means lots of opportunity for spring cleaning. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine if you should sell, donate or straight up throw something away, […]

All Olive Oils Are Not Created Equal

Many sopamaking oils can be found in grocery store aisles, and after awhile it begins to beg the question — can you really use store bought oils in your soaps? […]

Show Your Love: Creative Packaging

Aside from actually making the products, one of the best parts of crafting is creating fun packaging to enhance your soaps, bath bombs or scrubs. As part of Show Your […]

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