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Soapy Session Clean Up Guide

Ask soapers what their favorite part of soaping is, and the answers will be diverse. Ask soapers what their least favorite part is, and the large majority will answer, “The […]

Undiluted Aroma Oils + Plastic Don’t Mix

Part of the fun of soap making is choosing from the many fragrance oils and essential oils available. From fruity to floral, masculine to clean, scents add personality and flair to […]

Soapy Session Preparation and Setup Guide

You have done your soapy homework: the recipe is created and prepared, the design is fully thought out, and time has been scheduled in your busy day. Now, it’s time […]

Guest Post: Understanding Tallow for Soaping

Back when people first started making soap, there were only two readily-available ingredients: lye and tallow. Tallow is basically animal fat rendered for soapmaking, and many soapers still use tallow […]

Guest Post: Formulating Scrubs and Body Butters

Who doesn’t love a luxurious, skin-loving body butter? Butters and lotions are great because there a whole range of skin-loving ingredients to use. Want a whipped shea body butter, avocado […]

How to Use the Swirl Tools

I’ve been obsessed with the new Swirl Tools since we introduced them earlier this year. I love the precision I can get in a design across the entire surface of […]

Guest Post: Exfoliants in Soap

In addition to beautiful colors and fantastic fragrances, exfoliants can add a touch of interest to soap to make it extra special. Bramble Berry carries 19 exfoliants, from Bamboo Powder […]

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