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How to Throw a DIY Sugar Scrub Party + Recipe

What’s better than crafting? Crafting with family and friends of course! A few weeks ago, I invited a couple girlfriends to eat, drink, chat and make sugar scrub and nail […]

Dealing with Dreaded Orange Spots

Dreaded Orange Spots, also known as DOS, is something many cold process soap makers have unfortunately experienced. Dreaded orange spots are exactly what they sound like…orange spots on your soap! […]

How to Boil Heat Resistant Plastic Pouches

Soap that is cleansing, hard and moisturizing usually consists of both hard and soft oils. Soft oils are liquid at room temperature, while hard oils are solid. In order to […]

Mad about Madder Root Powder

Experimenting with various soap ingredients is part of what makes soap making so much fun. In addition to scent and shape, adding color to soapy creations gives your product personality […]

How to Assemble Dividers for Birchwood Soap Molds

Sturdy and durable, wood molds are a favorite when making cold process soap. Bramble Berry offers a wide range of sizes of Birchwood Molds, including a 9 bar, 18 bar, […]

5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap

When making soap to sell or give as a gift, it needs to look polished and professional . Unfortunately, not every batch comes straight out of the mold this way! […]

Soapy Session Clean Up Guide

Ask soapers what their favorite part of soaping is, and the answers will be diverse. Ask soapers what their least favorite part is, and the large majority will answer, “The […]

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