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Classic CP Swirl Soap on Soap Queen TV

It’s another Throw-Back Thursday #tbt on Soap Queen TV. This time Christy from KB Shimmer is joining me to demonstrate a classic swirl. This video is from 2010, so please […]

How to Boil Heat Resistant Plastic Pouches

Soap that is cleansing, hard and moisturizing usually consists of both hard and soft oils. Soft oils are liquid at room temperature, while hard oils are solid. In order to […]

Misty Maritime Moon Cold Process

Trying new soap techniques keeps the craft interesting, fresh and fun! This Misty Maritime Moon soap was created for the Negative Space Embed Challenge via Great Cakes Soapworks in August. […]

Vibrant Mehndi Cold Process

Henna body art is a very popular tradition in India. Henna, or mendhi, is a paste of crushed leaves and twigs from the henna plant. When this paste is applied […]

Argan & Sandalwood Vanilla Lotion Bar

The cold months take a toll on the skin, making moisturizing products a crucial step in winter skincare routines. When skin becomes dry and needs extra TLC, lotion bars made […]

Mad about Madder Root Powder

Experimenting with various soap ingredients is part of what makes soap making so much fun. In addition to scent and shape, adding color to soapy creations gives your product personality […]

Soothing Lavender Breast Balm

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. It is likely  you may know somebody affected by breast cancer, or maybe you […]

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